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Our Top Pick: 4 Black Mindset Coaches to Follow on Instagram

If the year of the pandemic has taught us anything, it has made us aware of our emotional state and how we view things.

Many of us have learned how to take power into our own hands for the sake of our careers, our emotional wellness, friendships and personal goals. We've taken the necessary steps to adjust our mindset.

Some people, however, have not been able to do so. At least, not on their own. And that's okay!

Sometimes we need someone unbiased to help us look at things differently and create a lifestyle that focuses on bettering ourselves. 

There are many coaches in the personal development, business and mindset industry but this month we decided to spotlight some wonderful black mindset coaches to follow on Instagram.

For this article, we want to highlight the few, black mindset coaches that the black community worldwide may be able to resonate with and find the relatable coaching that they need. 


We asked a few questions and got each coach to share their journey to coaching, their struggles and the best advice they have to offer.


Elizabeth Burrows

Elizabeth Burrows - Mindset Coach

  1. Who are you and what inspired you to become a mindset coach? 
    My name is Elizabeth Burrows. I'm a recovering busy-body and overachiever that discovered coaching while trying to find a way out of my own struggle with Superwoman Syndrome a few years ago. At the time, I was overwhelmed with both my personal and professional life, and I felt completely inadequate. I started diving into professional development, looking for answers. Somewhere in the avalanche of books and blogs and podcasts, I discovered mindset coaching and thought work and it changed my life.

    Before then, I was drowning in overwhelm and frustration, all caused by my thoughts about who I was and who I should be instead. But mindset coaching was like a life raft. It gave me a way to ride along the waves instead of being pulled under them. It completely changed how I show up in my own life.

    I was so deeply impacted, I wanted everyone to know about it. So, I started the Life Edit Project as a blog just to share what I was learning and to offer resources for women who were dealing with similar issues. But eventually, I realized I had a knack for coaching and could help people get better results that way. Now, helping women overcome Superwoman Syndrome is one of the areas I specialize in as a coach.

  2. What struggles have you dealt with in the past that you were able to overcome through mindset shifts?
    I used to struggle so much with indecision. For me, it showed up as procrastination or analysis paralysis. But as I've worked on my mindset, it's become easier for me to recognize that behavior in myself. With that awareness, I'm able to disrupt that pattern and shift myself into action. The mindset shifts are like shortcuts that let me bypass all the drama and just get into gear. 

  3. What piece of advice would you give those who wish to develop a certain mindset, that they can start applying today?
    The simplest, most basic element of mindset work is awareness. Before you can change anything about your thoughts or beliefs, you have to notice your thoughts and beliefs and see them for what they are. Observe your thoughts as often as you can. You'll be amazed at how much can change with just this one practice. 


Kiera Janelle

Coach Kiera Janelle - Wellness Influencer

1.    Who are you and what inspired you to become a mindset coach?
My name's Kiera Janelle but my tribe calls me Coach Ki! I’m a bubbly, and intense enneagram 7w8, the mother to Isaac (5) and Israel (1), fiancé to my suga, and lover of Jesus.

I’m also the CEO and founder of Divine Alignment LLC. (Mindset & Alignment Coaching) and Metanoia Activewear (Active wear & Athleisure For Mindful & Driven Women).

I became a Mindset coach because when I was just a personal trainer I realized there was something missing that my clients needed in order for them to make a full lifestyle transformation. They were stuck in the quick fix fads and microwave results, which resulted in their constant “start – fall off – stop” cycle.

By realizing this cycle I was reminded of when I was making changes in my life over 5 years ago and what helped me stay committed and consistent on my journey. It was changing the things I said, the things I thought, discovering my why, keeping the promises I made to myself, and choosing me before anyone else. So I made a slight pivot in my business in 2020 and then at the beginning of 2021 I changed my entire business name, mission, and vision – and went all in with mindset and alignment.

My mission is to help purposed filled and driven women live life as their highest self. They’ll start falling in love with taking care of their mind, body, and spirit by adopting daily routines, habits, and practices that empower them to live their happiest and highest life!

2. What struggles have you dealt with in the past that you were able to overcome through mindset shifts?

There’s been a PLETHORA of things on my journey. I would struggle with

  • fear and worry of the future 
  • comparison
  • the fear of not being able to pay my bills (scarcity)
  • thoughts that my life was a mess (inadequacy)
  • the feeling that I want good enough (low self-esteem and self-worth)

The list could honestly go on. My mindset and mental health was trash 6 years ago. I was still stuck in this victim mindset and that held me back from taking responsibility for the quality and direction of my life. I was also focused on all of the bad that surrounded me. 5 years ago I was in a toxic and abusive relationship, I dropped out of college because I couldn’t find a healthy harmony between school, work, and being a single mom (with a not so strong support system), and I felt like I was failing at life because of this.

When I looked at life and all of the things that were happening as happening FOR ME and not TO ME, my mindset began to shift. The things I had gone through and overcame by the strength of God now enables me to help other women become free as well. Even though the things I encountered in life were not so poppin’ I believe it all served a higher purpose and I am honored that my story has helped inspire hundreds of women all over the world.

I’d like to add that some these struggles still happen, and I don’t believe that any person will reach a level where they don’t experience struggle. What changes as you elevate your life is your reaction and thought process. You won’t be as fazed as you used to be or nearly as stressed when you decided to take control of how you react to life.

3. What piece of advice would you give those who wish to develop a certain mindset that they can start applying today?
Start with knowing who you are, at your core. I know that this generation and the one before us is “sleeping” on TRUE Self Discovery. Like MJ said, you’ve got to start with the (wo)man in the mirror if you want to make any kind of change in the world. When I became aware of how God made me, my desires, fears, strengths, weaknesses, my true self, false self, inner child, shadow self, and all of the pieces that come together to formulate my whole self, that was when I was able to truly heal and step into my higher power.

Awareness is power. So take that time every single day to learn something about yourself. You’ll learn how to fix your own head junk, how to love yourself, and how to love those around you.

Last piece of advice (CAUSE I KNOW I WROTE A BOOK), self-care. You must start your day with you and end your day with you. Be intentional about how you nourish your Self Care Trinity™ (physical, mental, and spiritual) because when those pillars are aligned, showing up as your higher self becomes more achievable and live becomes increasingly more fulfilling. 

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Love & Light 

-Coach Ki


Leanne Evans

Leanne Evans Wellbeing

1. Who are you and what inspired you to become a mindset coach?

I am Leanne Evans and I am an Empowerment and marketing coach who uses mindset based principles with my clients. I was inspired to become a coach at a point in my life where I knew things just had to shift. I had just broken up with my long term boyfriend, was climbing the corporate ladder, busy with all the things we are told to keep busy with but deep down I still felt unfulfilled, anxious and burnt out.  I started to get into personal development and realised that I have more control over my life, behaviours and actions than I realised. As I started to spend more energy getting to learn about myself and the things I wanted to change and I started to see improvements, big improvements. I want every Woman of Colour to realise their power and our ability to create a life of our wildest dreams despite what we see projected in society around us.


2. What struggles have you dealt with in the past that you were able to overcome through mindset shifts?

The biggest struggle for me was my sense of unworthiness. As I started my own journey I realised at my core I didn't believe I deserved or was capable of achieving all of the things I wanted in life. I let fear, a rejection mindset and low self-worth keep me in a cycle of limiting behaviours, habits and lifestyles that prevented me from shining at my brightest.

Part of shifting my mindset was really about me learning who I was at my core. The authentic me that I was too afraid to show the world before. I had to take the time to learn my values, purpose and my unique energy that I bring to the world. My faith was so helpful in this and beginning to see myself as divinely as God does.

The mindset shifts have been so pivotal in helping me to transform my life that I have included the key learnings in my new coaching programme Divinely Melanin. This is a 2 month Empowerment Programme to help you to be able to express yourself more authentically with the world and own your divine essence!


3. What piece of advice would you give those who wish to develop a certain mindset, that they can start applying today?

I would advise you to get curious about your life, like a detective. Are there certain cycles that appear to repeat over and over in your life? Can't hold down a job for more than 3 months? Struggling to make deep connections and have a fulfilling loving relationship? Bring awareness into the situation and get curious about any cycles as there, then think of the end goal that you would like to have on the other side. E.g a long term steady career, or a loving relationship.

Write down 5 things you need to believe in order to make the leap to making this a reality. Become mindful of these 5 thoughts daily and start to integrate them into your life. 



Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson - BJ the blogger

1. Who are you and what inspired you to become a mindset coach?
My name is BJ and I am a Mindset and Manifestation Coach. I specialize specifically in helping women transform themselves into their 'higher self'. I challenge my clients to imagine the greatest version of themself and I help create action plans and mindset shifts in order to turn that image into reality. 
My inspiration to become a mindset coach was really a multi-layered revolution. I've always been the friend that others turned to for advice, but I didn't realize I wanted to turn it into my full time job until I witnessed others who worked in the space like Oprah, Jay Shetty, and Joe Dispenza. Quickly I became completely obsessed with self improvement. While most people are watching the news or sports, I am listening to podcast episodes, studying Jungian psychology, and binging lectures on Youtube. Self improvement and manifestation are honestly topics that make my heart sing, and I encourage everyone to spend time finding something that brings them the same type of joy.
2. What struggles have you dealt with in the past that you were able to overcome through mindset shifts?
Learning about mindset techniques completely changed my life and the way I approached my well being. I was in a very dark place about 6 years ago, struggling to control my drinking, eating, and my overall direction with life. I learned that I had full control over my life and I just needed to start making more conscious decisions. I needed to sit down, learn who I was, and define what I wanted for my future. Then over time something just clicked. I sat down, decided who I wanted BJ to be a year from now, and started working towards that goal. I completely transformed every area of my life so it aligned to who I knew I had the potential to become. And without fail, I saw doors start to open for me effortlessly. That's when I first experienced real manifestation. And the rest is history.
3. What piece of advice would you give those who wish to develop a certain mindset, that they can start applying today?
My word of advice for someone looking for a mindset switch is when you are able to approach every situation in life with the same patience, love, and understanding that you do with a young child, then you will learn that everything is based on perception. Yes you could get angry, fight, complain, or even drink or eat until the pain is gone, that's the easy way out. At the very moment you lose control over your emotions, you no longer have power over your life or your choices. You need to consciously choose love everyday, and you will always be rewarded with love in return. 

Follow these amazing coaches on Instagram:

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Which coach did you resonate with most? Leave them a love note in the comments below.


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